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Coloring Book:
European Marian Network

A European network

Europe was born under many invasions and ideas. And under a religion. It formed a unit against the non-Europe world. And the scientific and technological revolution “sent” Europe at the forefront. As soon as Europa was at the head of humanity, it did wonderful things and horrible things.

But at the same time Europe was looked at with special affection by someone: Mary. And throughout the continent there were always looks that watched at Mary with love. And they dedicated everything they could dedicate to her. Especially churches. And from there this wonderful network was born: European churches dedicated to Mary.

There are 20 Marian shrines like 20 are the mysteries of the rosary. And every year people from the sanctuaries gather to meet again. Because if a mother wants something, it is unity for her children.

That is why the 2 world wars hurt Maria so much. That’s why Fatima.

A mother who always forgives

A mother is a mother. Her love is unconditional. It doesn’t matter what wickedness we may have committed. It does not matter what sin we have committed. She is always there to tell us «everything is fine»

A father demands us. A mother suggests us.

Mary opens doors

We recently read a story about some French girls who were making a pilgrimage around the country carrying a statue of Mary. And they said surprised that the statue had opened many doors for them.

Can not it be in a different way. All Westerners recognize Mary. Even the atheists. She is our mother.

A Coloring Book About Mary

The oldest image of Mary is from the 3rd century.

Christians see in her a very strong humanity. And that humanity is dressed in maternity.

Motherhood is something unique, definitive. And it is almost the most beautiful thing in this life.

Who is not tied to her mother? Who does not admire the devotion with which she cared for us?

So much so that very young children do not distinguish between their body and their mother’s.

Jesus is the brother, the God, the perfect man. But his mother…

“Blessed is the womb that carried you and the breasts at which you nursed.”

It’s what we think. There is no worse insult than insulting someone’s mother. And there is no better praise.

Put yourself in the hands of the Virgin. Put in her hands everything that worries you. Guaranteed result. For Free. It is miraculous.

Meet Mary

The best thing that can happen to us in life is meeting Mary. Perhaps since childhood we have been introduced to her. Perhaps we have discovered her -almost by accident- as adults. Perhaps we have dreamed of her and she has led us to our conversion.

Her maternal ways are the ones that best lead to her son. And that is the key: THROUGH MARY YOU REACH JESUS.

Mary's names

As seen in this little book, Maria has many titles, such as:

– Blessed Virgin

– Our lady

– Queen of the family

– Help for the people in need

– …

However, there is one that she does not possess: she is the Great Companion on the path of life.