deus caritas est



Love is so attractive… So much so that musical artistic expressions refer to love, highlighting now the man’s desire, now the woman’s sensuality.

Is love present in the Church? Many are the priests and men of God whose loving passion is… They are rather bureaucrats without any feeling in their work.

And yet, all of them felt the arrow of love in the discovery of their vocation. Like those young couples who during their first year savor the delights of love. Many call that just a “feeling”. And, although it is not love, it is quite close. The feeling helps us to take the necessary steps to reach love, in the same way that hunger makes us eat with desire. People who gave themselves to God felt something similar at first, although later their life and their choices went down the path of bitterness and cold bureaucracy.

Leave it all

When the “rich young man” did not want to follow Jesus, it was a matter of trust in God’s love. It is not easy to trust in God’s love, but Jesus tells us that it is worth it.
That God knows more.
That Jesus knows what suits us.
That the Holy Spirit knows how to drive this car.

God is pure love

What does it mean to love?

It seems an inconsistency to ask that, since everyone seems to know what it’s about. But are they all talking about the same thing? If you do not know exactly what love is, you will hardly know what it means that God is love.

Is using condoms love? Is sexual enjoyment love?

Ultimately, what is love? Does it mean there are no restrictions? Does it mean never saying «sorry»? Does it have anything to do with exclusivity and choice?

To understand what love is, it is good to remember the french priest Guy Gilbert. His parents had a particularly large family. But they were not ardent believers. However, according to his own account, the priest found his vocation in the love so great that his parents had for each other.

So at least we are able to love. It is a great first step. As the Pope says in the encyclical:

God does not demand of us a feeling which we ourselves are incapable of producing.

The illogicality of love.

Love is out of normal logic. And the greatest lover is God. He is crazy about each one of us. It is something that does not make much sense but that the Saints have experienced it and the Church has said over and over again.

And it is what motivates the Church in all its activities: although the Church is made up of men with disparate beliefs, the Church is obliged to love everyone. As the current Supreme Pontiff says, the Church must be a field hospital. If it were up to the Church, she would be much more selfish. But God didn’t mince words when he demanded that his Church should take care of all men. And also evangelize.