To teach the Faith to the youngest.
To continue training the less young.
And for you. Thank you for your desire to evangelize.

God bless you.



What is the web https://www.evangelizationnew.site/?

It’s a comics website. In it you can access some Vatican documents that are drawn as if they were comics.


If something characterizes all the Vatican documents, it is the difficulty with which they can be read. They are cumbersome reading documents. But putting them in comic «format» makes reading a lot easier. For example, with this system you can read the Humanae Vitae in just a few minutes.

Are the texts changed to adapt them to the comic?

No. We believe that it is important and fundamental not to change the texts of the magisterium of the Holy Church. The comics presented here are based on copying and pasting the most fundamental parts of the text. Nothing is invented. Nothing is changed.

Are they useful texts?

The texts that come out of the Vatican are extremely useful. There are texts that are authentic treasures. For example Humanae Vitae or Deus Caritas Est. They are not the only ones.

Does this evangelize?

Yes, but it is not the only element. The first element is our relationship with God; that is what speaks and explains the Faith to other people.

Second to evangelization is also giving witness to our Faith.

And far behind all this is the how. Which transmission tool? The quality has to be good. It is a very important job. And that’s where encyclicals and illustrated documents come in.

Is there anything free on this website?

Yes. The Vatican published a summary of Amoris Laetitia. We have illustrated this summary in 32 vignettes and anyone who visits this page can download them. It’s on the download page (or at this link).

What is the goal?

The objective of this website and of any Catholic-Christian is to evangelize. Evangelizing sometimes means talking about our Faith, but other times it doesn’t involve any words. It is enough to support the one who needs help. Any charitable gesture is sufficient. As Pope Benedict XVI explains, God lives in charity.

Are there only Vatican documents?

There is also a coloring book on this website. It is a book about Mary.

This website has behind it men over 40 years of age who have needed Mary at many times in their lives. It is not something entirely logical, but the Virgin Mary has helped us in a special way.

Although there are Vatican documents that speak about the Mother of God, we have believed that the most convenient thing was a coloring book. Thus, young children can begin to know her. And older people can entertain themselves with it.


This life is long and the expression «valley of tears» is not entirely wrong. Of course there are good moments, but there are also bad ones. And a few very bad ones. That makes them unforgettable.

For the boat of life is not different for those who do not believe. And while experiencing a storm changes depending on whether or not there is a captain, the storm is no less a storm because of that presence.

The Vatican documents revolve around the love that God has for us. That gives us dignity, light, reflected love…

Let’s be empathetic. 

We are not better or worse than others. We have God on our side. Everything is possible. Perhaps we are just excessively lucky.

But the boat is the same.